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Hand-blown glass by Borowski Studio in Poland. This family collaboration makes wonderful, whimsical glass objects.

The items in the Premium Collection ART OBJECTS have a very special value for collectors and art-lovers. The exceptional sculptures in this collection have all been crafted extremely skillfully, are brilliantly coloured and particularly elegant. Each one is a hand crafted, personal and signed work created by the artists Pawel or Stani Jan Borowski.

The collection comprises both unique items and limited editions, as well as objects produced in small series. What they all have in common are the highly unusual stories that they interpret – and their individuality. Each ART OBJECT is a valuable original, born from all the artistic skill and experience of the Borowski brothers. The works produced in the small series are all unique objects in themselves. No “Prince” really has an identical twin, every “Love Messenger” is unique in its colouring, and every “Retro Car” interprets its subject in its own way.

Art Objects

Product Type:

30" H x 11"W

Artist Bio:
Pawel Borowski (born 1969 in Krosno, Poland) and his brother Stanislow Jan Borowski (born 1981 in Krosno, Poland) are part-owners of their family business Glasstudio Borowski, located in Poland. They design glass pieces for all three parts of the collection: the Artist Editions, the Studio Line and the Outdoor Objects. Sometimes one of the brothers is responsible solely for a particular piece although often they collaborate. Their work is available in select galleries and is included in major private collections as well as international art museums. Their work reflects the tradition begun with their father, a master glassblower for many decades whose work is highly regarded and collected internationally. Their pieces show a love of color as well as a playful approach to glass. Several techniques including blowing, sandblasting and engraving are often incorporated. The results are unique and highly desired by lovers of glass.

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