AVF Acrylic Candy Bowls

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The hottest tabletop design from Alexandra Von Furstenberg is the AVF Candy Bowl. Made with the finest grade of solid 2” thick acrylic, these bowls are available in 12 different colors and are a great way to add sophisticated fun and color to your home. These have become one of AVF's most popular items since its launch earlier this year because they make adding fun color to your home so easy and versatile.

In addition to using the AVF Candy Bowl to serve candy in, you can also use them to display beautiful flowers. Just bunch and tie together mini bouquet of flowers, add water to the bowl, and let them float in or rest on the rim of the bowl.

*Please note that this item is not an ashtray and should not be used as one.  It is flammable and can burn and/or melt.  If you would like to protect your AVF Candy Bowl, you can purchase our ALUMINUM BOWL LINERS ($38). 

***WARNING:  Please note that when using as an ashtray, never leave any burning item unattended inside the bowl.  Also, never allow any burning item to touch the acrylic portion of the bowl as it can burn.

Product Type:
Candy Bowls

8.5" x 8.5" x 2.25" (Large)
5.25" x 5.25" x 1.24"H (Petite)

Black Licorice
Blueberry Blue
Cherry Red
Cotton Candy Pink
Icing White
Lemon Drop Yellow
Orange Soda
Rootbeer Bronze
Sour Apple Green
Sugar Crystal Clear

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