PEARLS (Bath Collection)

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A gradual blending of white and grey shells. Made in the Philippines.

Products and Dimensions:
Bath Glass Holder (4"SQ x 2"H)
Tissue Holder (6"SQ x 6"H)
Perfume Tray (7"W x 12"L x 1.5"H)
Waste Basket (8.75"W x 10"L x 10"H)
Soap Dispenser [Chrome Finish] (2.75"SQ x 7.5"H)
Soap Dispenser [Satin Nickel Finish] (2.75"SQ x 7.5"H)
Soap Dispenser [Dark Bronze Finish] (2.75"SQ x 7.5"H)
Soap Dish (3.5"W x 5"L x 1.5"H)

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Product Bath Glass Holder, Tissue Holder, Perfume Tray, Waste Basket, Soap Dispenser (Chrome Finish), Soap Dispenser (Satin Nickel Finish), Soap Dispenser (Dark Bronze Finish), Soap Dish

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